Cuban Food Recipes

Recipes for Salads

Avocado Salad Cuban Style (Ensalada de Aguacates)    
Ensalada de Aguacates Estilo Cubano
Serves:  6

Typical Cuban salad, to be served together with a Cuban dinner

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Garbanzo Salad (Chick peas - Ensalada de Garbanzo)    
Ensalada de Garbanzo
Serves:  4

A delicious and healthy cuban salad with hearty ingredients.

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Shrimp, Avocado and Papaya Salad (Ensalada de Camarones, Fruta Bomba y Aguacate)    
Ensalada de Camarones, Fruta Bomba y Aguacate
Serves:  4

Very refreshing salad, specially in the summer time

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Tossed Salad (Ensalada Revuelta)    
Ensalada Revuelta
Serves:  4

A simple and delicious salad for a light lunch or served with dinner.

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Perez-Puelles' Chicken and Rice

Arroz con Pollo de Perez-Puelles